Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Keeping up

It's really difficult to keep up with blogging these days. As they get older, and hitting less milestones, there're less things to blog about. But I think the main reason is due to the iphone. Ever since I got the iphone last dec, I've no need to use a camera anymore. I just use the one on the phone because it's so easy to edit and it takes only an instant to upload the pictures onto facebook which I feel was unneccesary to blog about it again. Of course, you can always say it's because of my laziness. Ooops.

But I will continue to try because I do this for Aidan. I just think it'll be so cool to one day be able to read all about himself haha.

Life will come full circle

Today, as I was trying to pick out pieces of fried beehoon off Aidan as he was feeding himself and clearing the huge mess on the table and on the floor, it suddenly reminded me of how it was like with my dear granny during her last days at the hospice.

Babies and toddlers were really not any different from an ageing elderly. Apart from their obvious cuteness and size, they and the elderly who are no longer mobile, are dependent on us in about the same ways. They all need to be fed, bathe and clothes, diapers need to be changed. Then it hit me.

That this role of me taking care of Aidan could very well be reversed in the future. Well...that is if I'm lucky enough. We all know that these days, we can't and shouldn't expect our kids these days to take care of us when we're old. Those who do are only setting themselves up for a huge disappointment. Of course that doesn't mean they shouldn't be grateful and appreciative of what we've done for them as parents, that's to be expected of all human beings isn't it? That we should be nice to people who are nice to us.

But of course we can all hope, that we'll be fortunate enough to be one of those who have good children whom we can depend on in the future to take care of us, just like how we are taking care of them now.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Aidan as Robot

As he walked around, he said " Robot, robot.." haha, quite innovative!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hello cat, hello goat

I never knew Aidan could say the word Hello. Till I heard him say "hello" to a cat when I visited my grand-aunt. Yes, he would not say that to any person but to animals, he would.
Today, we went to the zoo. He said: "Hello monkey", "Hello goat"....
Aidan, making conversation with the kid goat.

These days, he would surprise us with suddenly saying a word that we never thought he knew, much less could say. He has made progress with his speech. Now the "k", "g" sound is quite obvious. The "s" sound still needs some work but he's beginning to say it. He's also starting to string words together. His longest sentence to date is "I want more milk" :)
When will he start to make me feel irritated with his constant talk? I can't wait.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vacation in WA- Day 13

Last day! Had to catch an early flight home. End of holiday, back to reality, which really isn't too bad ;P

Really misses all the nice houses and cottages, so big with gardens and back yards.

Bye bye Perth, hello Singapore!

Finally, I finished it.

Vacation in WA- Day12

Long day ahead! It's time for the Swan Valley! This was taken at some shop that sells nougat. Not my favourite thing but bought some back for friends.

Aidan trying to open the car door but it's shut close. It's not a real car, or maybe it was real but not functioning anymore.

Ok, this has to be the best wildlife park! Caversham Wildlife Park! Finally, after so many days, we could get up close to Kangeroos and Koalas! They roam freely and you're allowed to pet them.

Funny donkey! Even Aidan's amused by it. The big mouth's opened because it's trying to catch the peanuts that someone was throwing at it :)

Buffalos. Aidan's not interested. Actually nothing really amuses him or catches his attention.

Showtime! Some animals were taken out for people to get to know better and to take pictures with. First up, eagle!
Next, a blue tongue skink whose tongue is really a shade of brilliant blue! It's not dangerous and if you dare to put a finger near it's mouth, it will stick it's tongue out. Aidan's afraid. I noticed that young children are born to dislike/fear reptiles. He didn't like a toy lizard that was shown to him during a class. And no, he has never seen reptiles or lizards before this and none of us has demonstrated signs of fear in front of him. So it must be innate.

Oh dear, I can't remember the name for this. Looks cute!

Next up is this fat, wrinkled and lazy looking wombat. Hehe...Finally someone to take a family pic for us!

I love this! It's pink! No idea if it's a parrot or a parakeet. But the color is sooo pretty!

The Three Stoogers :P

More pink parrots.

Koalas! They're so cute. Over here, you're able to gently pat them. Aidan's still looking very

Tasmania Devils! They're fierce creatures. Can hear them snarling at each other and fighting.

Aidan came to life at the Devils' den. He immediately perked up and chuckled loudly everytime the devils snarled or hit out at each other and made noises like he's cheering them on. Hmmm...violent kid or what?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vacation in WA- Day11

I am so sick of myself! 4 months later and I've not completed the vacation blog! Grrr....I VOW to complete it today.

Random shots of Aidan at The Urban Owl.

Didn't do much but we had a nice dinner planned at the Old Swan Brewery.

Fantastic Pork Belly for starters. So tender and melts in your mouth. Aidan doesn't usually eat meat but to our surprise, he gobbled this one down and asked for more!

Haha...love his cheeks here.


I think this is seafood marinara. It's not great.

Steak. Price goes by the weight in ounces.

Ordered extra sides, macaroni n cheese and stir fry vege.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Vacation in Wa- Day 10

Day 10 and we were up early for our drive back to Perth. Family shot outside our cottage. Say bye bye to the flies. YAY!

Our last accomodation. A lovely newly revamped cottage in East Victoria Park called The Urban Owl. I love it so much. You can say that our new place is loosely inspired by The Urban Owl :D

Nothing much to do today. Was already quite late by the time we had our rest. So we went to the botanic gardens. Superb view! Too bad the tree-top walk was already closed.

I love it here! I could come here everyday. Very grassy and looks so inviting to sit and have a picnic or do nothing at all.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vacation in WA- Day09

I always forget how bad the flies were and was again looking forward to the animal feedings. This morning, we went next door to Wonky Windmill Farm & Eco Park. We went into the reception, had some jam tasting, bought 2 bottles of jam, got our bag of feed and went outside into the hot sun. Yes, and be swarmed by the flies. Please remind me never to go in the summer again.

The piece of land where the animals are kept is quite a big one. They are nicely separated and there's a path where you can walk follow and it will lead you back to the house. As you go along, you can see the different types of animals and they are separated from the other species. There's not many of each species, more of the common ones and sometimes just one or two for the less common ones. I was very pleasantly surprised to see 2 lovely deers!

There's not many shots of Aidan cos mostly, he's trying to beat or run away from the flies.

Then we were off to a much more pleasant place. The Margaret River Chocolate Factory! Rows upon rows of chocolate! Needless to say, Aidan was delighted. There were free samples and I think it was Aidan's first chocolate treat. He couldn't get enough of it. Have you met any kids who doesn't like choc?

"woah! I want more!" He's thinking.

To my surprise, their chocolate are really good! We bought lots to give away but I'm regretting we didn't buy enough for ourselves.

Lunch at Duckstein Brewery!
More Yummy food!

Here was when I found out about Aidan's love of pigs. Could it be due to that he was born in the year of pigs? He kept asking me to draw pigs.

Very nice and huge estate at Duckstein. We had a walk after lunch.

Took this pic when we were travelling on the road. The cows are always huddled together and not moving and looks like they are deep in discussion. Conferencing perhaps?

Aidan loves taking family pictues. When you point a camera at him, he usually looks away. But when I say, take a picture together, he'll smile so sweetly and ask for more! :)